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XL Size

XL Bags Pack (80×100)cm With Free Hand Pump

Material: Vacuum storage bags are typically made from durable and airtight materials such as high-quality plastic or nylon. These materials are designed to withstand the pressure of vacuum sealing and prevent air leakage.

Sealing Mechanism: The bags feature a special sealing mechanism that allows you to remove the air and create an airtight seal. Most bags come with a zip-lock closure, which ensures a tight seal and prevents air from entering. Some bags may also include a valve or a suction hole, where you can attach a vacuum cleaner nozzle to extract the air.

Space-Saving Design: The main advantage of vacuum storage bags is their ability to significantly reduce the volume of stored items. By removing the air, the bags can shrink the size of your belongings by up to 80%, allowing you to reclaim valuable storage space in your closets, drawers, or suitcases. Protection from Moisture, Dust, and Odors: Vacuum-sealed storage bags provide an additional layer of protection to your belongings. By creating an airtight seal, they prevent moisture, dust, insects, and odors from entering the bag, keeping your items clean, dry, and fresh.